Other Engineering/Consulting Firms:

www.mrproe.com  DKL Designs, Inc. – Highly Recommended Mechanical Design Firm.

http://w3.gwis.com/~polaris/ Polaris Research Group – Home of the Best Optics Research Firm in the US.


Previous Customers:

www.imageguide.us ImageGuide, Inc. -- Robotic Surgical Assistants – Medical Device Startup Company.

www.upstream.net Upstream Technologies – Portfolio Management

www.brainmaster.com BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. – Top Notch Neurofeedback


Previous Employers/Partners:

http://www.gemedicalsystems.com General Electric Medical Systems

http://www.medical.philips.com Picker/Marconi/Philips Medical Systems

(If companies didn’t merge all the time, there would be more here.)



Other Links:

www.uspto.gov – US Patent Office.










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