Project Overview—Delivering Real Value to Real Customers


ImageGuide, Inc. -- AcuGuideCT medical robot. Developed complete software architecture and implemented 50KSLOC of C++ to implement the software under Microsoft Windows XP and Venturcom RTX.  Implemented full 12KSLOC Java user interface with diagnostic imaging viewer and targeting software based on General Electric Medical Systems software libraries.


Upstream Technologies: Developed software for multiprocessor hosted commercial financial portfolio optimization system.


BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. – Developed prototypes in C and C++ on Microsoft Windows for internet based EEG monitoring and EEG-based biofeedback training.


InVision Technologies, Inc. Consultant – Managed development of Field Data Reporting system for explosive scanners used in airport security.  Implemented multiplatform C and C++ custom software that obtains data from more than 250 scanners for the FAA.   Delivered designs for low-cost scanner implementation. Consulting engineering for internal commercial projects.


Marconi Medical Systems (now Philips) -- Integrated third party cardiac analysis software into commercial Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner software, positively affecting product sales.  Negotiated mutually profitable contract with Netherlands-based software company, including software escrow and international contract language.


Marconi Medical Systems (now Philips) – Project lead for Functional MRI subsystem integration.  Integrated third party fMRI data analysis software patient stimulus subsystem into commercial MRI scanner software.  Improved image storage database performance by about 5x.  Developed motion control software for dockable patient couch.


Marconi Medical Systems (now Philips) – Project lead for Interactive MRI project, which allows users to get real-time MR images for diagnosis.  Led internationalization efforts for MRI console software, directly affecting relationship with Japanese sales force.  Led efforts for requirements analysis tooling.


Picker International, Computed Tomography: Integrated software from more than 10 developers into deliverable image reconstruction subsystem.  Developed DSP and PowerPC software for product and test.  Obtained first image from this scanner during initial integration.


4C Consulting: Reverse Engineered legacy binary libraries for which no source existed to provide interface to new web-based user interface and business logic for national electronic parts supplier.  Developed neural network financial application for group of private investors. Established independent contacts for offshore software development in Ukraine.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Developed complete software architecture and embedded implementation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Managed subcontract for UPS interface software.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Developed complete computer architecture and implementation for Active Noise Cancellation system, (Quieting for Jet Engine Testing—QJET) including DSP, data acquisition, and control.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Fuzzy logic controller for arc lamp ballast on 512 byte processor.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Performed proposal management and development for DoD contracts leading to significant contract awards, including some “black” projects.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Led team in conversion of Navy weapon system software from CMS2 to Ada programming language.  Provided Ada language training and developed simulation system in Ada programming language, providing cutting edge methodology for delivering state-of-the-art software.  Developed complete relational algebra (memory-resident database) system for use in configuration management database system.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Developed Automatic Test Equipment for DoD product, including reverse engineering of key firmware components for which no source existed.


Honeywell, Inc: Key player in developing Torpedo Mk50 Tactical Software (weapon system control). 


NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center: Developed embedded flight software for experiment that flew on STS-7. Developed ground-based experiment controller software on CP/M microcomputer.


Computer Sciences Corporation: Developed data analysis software for Space Shuttle Main Engine project, improving throughput time by almost 10X.